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Copenhagen Fashion Week FW21

Copenhagen Fashion Week started on Tuesday 2nd of February and lasted for 3 days as usual. Back in August 2020, it was a mix of physical and virtual events – and with a bit of spectators and visitors.
Due to tighter restrictions, this fashion week was completely digital. No fairs – no show – no parties.

This means that a fashion show can be arranged in one form or another (with only few models), but it may not have spectators. On the other hand, it can be experienced digitally – and Copenhagen Fashion Week had therefore planned a three-day show with small films and Q&A’s with some of the biggest Danish designers.

And even though the Corona crisis presents a lot of challenges - and we miss being able to be together, we at MUNTHE were fully prepared to (as back in August 2020) be execute the show digitally.  

MUNTHE works purposefully to contribute to a better world through sustainable products – sustainability lives in our DNA and core business – and must therefore be connected to everything we do. So instead of spending a lot of resources on an expensive location and a big set-up, we thought about what we already have – and how we could get the most out of it.

With a huge warehouse as a backdrop, where pallets and boxes stood naked – and the wood color and the industrial look, as the dominant elements, we made the hallways act as a catwalk. There were 5 models attending, 3 women and 2 men who went up and down the aisle, and were simultaneously filmed from the front, the side and at eye level, so you as a viewer would experience it as if you were part of an audience and with the best spot.

The FW21 collection is called “Ceramic Art” and is strongly inspired by ceramics – and focusing on the beautiful patterns that are created, when the clay has been fired and glazed. It is also built around diversity and the boundaries between the sexes that can easily be broken down. Women have always been excited about wearing menswear and still be ultra-feminine when they do – and yes, men can also be masculine in women’s clothing. Neither gender gives up their identity, it just helps to make it all a little more fluid.

The inspiration is also taken from vintage patchwork and from denim blue, brown, black, white, army green to different tone-in-tone looks. Sophisticated in a cool way and with an overall impression that is completely aesthetic and inviting.  

As if it were a physical show, MUTHE had a moment when the film was officially to be streamed on Copenhagen Fashion Week’s site. Here, buyers, the press and other industry-relevant people had received an “invitation” to the show. Right after the show, Naja Munthe was interviewed live for the well-recognized site, WWD Live Q&A Munthe and Natalie Theodosi, WWD - Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The presentation itself was designed as a real show with a catwalk and models, and at the same time was cut so that selected details, silhouettes, materials and properties were continuously highlighted, so the audience got the most real-life experience through the show. Despite the physical absence and not being able to feel the clothes it was still relatively easy to report the experience. The collection was nicely reviewed everywhere – especially on Vogue Runway, Fashion Forum and Elle.dk. Read some of the reviews below.

Video: Naja Munthe's Q&A with Natalie Theodosi (Women's Wear Daily) Copenhagen Fashion Week FW21

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