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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has enormous consequences for the Ukrainian people. The number of refugees who have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24 has topped 3 million. And unfortunately, the hopeless situation is constantly growing.

“The images we are seeing from Ukraine right now are heartbreaking. They remind us of a time we thought was a thing of the past.It is for me personally a frustrating and very distraught situation and as an Ambassador of the Red Cross it is only natural to contribute and support the completely unbearable situation that Ukraine is in. The fundraising for the Red Cross relates to the fact that right now there is a need for raise ready money. Cash can be transferred quickly to areas where it is needed and organizations on the ground can use it to actively support people where is most needed.It has been touching to see and read the many positive comments that have been made in connection with people’s donations. I am proud and humbled that so many have contributed to such an important humanitarian effort.We have raised EUR 9.000, which I will double. Overall, we donate EUR 18.000 for the Red Cross” – Naja Munthe.