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Evoke the thrilling and admirable idea of life on the high seas, with fresh air, sunshine and the open ocean as far as the eye can see. This Spring Summer 21 Collection is a flawless, playful and nostalgic take on the fashion of the seafaring – inspired by traditional interpretations of the seaworthy look; wavy stripes, fisherman knits, sailor collars - but also an era when people dressed up to travel. Influenced by the sailing scene and the cultures that merge there.


On the deck, no maritime detail is left unexplored. From sailor tattoo prints, to robe motifs, to wide-leg sailor pants, to feminine fisherman sweaters to the classic sailor-style peacoat, double breasted and made from excellent, heavy virgin wool in a night blue shade.

Amongst the familiarity, there is also so many original elements; The swallow, the herald of land in sight, usually associated with love, loyalty and hope, printed on beautifully shaped dresses and tops. The anchor, which prevents the boat from moving away and gives support when needed - and the wavy, water-level lines - the beauty of the natural environment of the ocean.

Those who love prints, color and a little comfort in the dresses should consider the beautiful floral styles with smooth shirt-tops and extravagant ruffled skirts - or a more classic version with voluminous sleeves and ruffled details.

This season is all about contrasts; Male versus female, classic grace against atypical attraction, smooth versus sophisticated. A modern woman’s style is more versatile than ever - allowing us to combine elegance and structure all within the same outfit. This collection can be effortlessly styled together in numerous easy combinations. Well-fitted tailoring and tops and dresses paired with the raw honesty of leather. The combinations of basics, classic tailoring and feminine shapes are the very embodiment of this Spring Summer 21 Collection.