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Success Business (Succesvirksomhed) is a business award that celebrates commitment and persistence.

With the business award "Success Business", Spar Nord and the accounting firm BDO, recognize the 1.000 companies that continuously succeed in creating growth and jobs - and which can demonstrate solid financial results over a number of years.

MUNTHE has been awarded the prize based on the above - and we are especially proud to be selected and honored for our ability to be adaptable, focus on constant development and to work strategically, structured and executively with CSR. 

“First and foremost, I am sincerely proud and happy on behalf of the company. The fact that we are recognized and acknowledged is both supportive and assuring in relation to the work we have already done and continue to do - but it is also a proof of how solid the company MUNTHE is and that we are doing something right. That means that we are on the right track and further encourages us to continue that process. Our strategic focus areas - including CSR - and operational capacity is crucial,” says Naja Munthe.