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WWith November’s gray and sometimes uninspiring weather, we are hardly the only ones who already long for springtime and sunshine in the face. With the new PS22 campaign, we don’t have to wait that much longer, this esthetic and innovative Pre Spring 22 collection is just extraordinary.

The collection was created and designed at a time characterized by restrictions, heavily hit by the Covid 19 pandemic and very few opportunities to travel the world. Therefore, we chose to search back to the roots as well as understand our desire to explore our national and cultural identity. The collection should be seen as an example of an historical travel back to some of all the beautiful Danish literary treasures that characterize our past.

Asking questions such as “who are we” and “where do we come from” have sparked an increasing interest for both the tradition-bound, inherited frescoes and the faience style. With respect for history and technique, these beauties relate to an anecdote, and if you dive into the details, you will experience a wealth of nuances and variations.

At the campaign shoot, which ran back in April 2021, it was obvious to find a location that certainly recreate the feeling of a previous era. Our choice fell on the Old Denmark Open Air Museum (Frilandsmuseet), which is one of the oldest open air museums in the world. Here you enter the countryside of historic Danmark and it’s not difficult to imagine yourself transported centuries back in time, visiting the fully-furnished homes of the people of the past.

With her unpolished and slightly androgynous appearance, the campaign-model Zsófia adds the images an amazing edge - and the PS22 collection it’s good to go.