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Copenhagen Fashion Week SS21

One of the biggest events in the Danish fashion industry is Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is held twice a year - in August and February.
Normally, over 20,000 guests, journalists, influencers, shoppers and other industry professionals would take part in all the various events, which take place over 5 days. But like all other major events, the fashion week is also affected by the corona crisis.
Although a small green light was given to the catwalk, it was by no means the party and show that guests are used to.

Digital, however, was turned up and on, so to speak - also at MUNTHE. Due to the assembly ban and restrictions that had to be complied with, we decided already in May that we would not, as usual, put on a big show - but instead digitize our presentation.

During Copenhagen Fashion Week, more than half of the guests usually come from abroad. However, due to Covid19, virtually all foreign buyers were prevented from coming. And that is exactly why we wanted to make a digital presentation that supports the SS21 collection as best possible. We therefore produced a film in which the models, instead of a catwalk, walk on a treadmill.

This show was shown on Copenhagen Fashion Week's site - and we had invited all our partners to watch along, prior to the event. Right after the show, Naja was interviewed live for the famous fashion site But fashion week actually already started in the morning for Naja, when we had a visit from TV2 Finans. Naja was on live in TV2 News, in an interview which dealt with the somewhat different version of the fashion week and her assessment of what it means for the industry. The following days also offered direct interviews with both P1 and P4 on the same topic.

“It has in every way been an educative and developing process to have to think exclusively digitally-creatively. MUNTHE is already a digitally based business, but it is clear that when a physical show - which is really based on a creative, material performance - must be transformed into a 100% digital performance and at the same time be as present and interesting as a "real" show, then it requires innovative ideas. Fortunately, the reaction to both the SS21 collection and the digital show has been overwhelming "- says Naja Munthe

In addition to the broad Danish coverage, there have been features around MUNTHE's SS21 collection in everything from Voque to Harrods and on the big influencers.