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At our Christmas party at MUNTHE, we had an amazing feature, which came to everyone’s surprise. We were going to draw Croquis. Only a few had tried it before, so almost the whole team were newbies.

Croquis means to sketch and draw after a naked model. The art is to catch the dynamics of the pose and expression, often with few lines due to the difference in intervals, from 2 to 20 minutes. The short postures demand us to focus on a special way, not all details can be captured. The purpose of croquis is to develop the relation between the eye and the hand, as well as to play with expression in a flow where creativity and intuition is dominating.

First, an unusual and curious atmosphere appeared in the room, but Laila, the croquis teacher and model, was relaxed and comfortable to take the room and make us all feel cosy. She created a great vibe.

When the session began it was clear to see that there was a calmness over the room as everyone were concentrating on doing their best, while there still was a lot of time for laughs.

The Croquis session consisted of four exercises with different drawing techniques - both with pencil and charcoal. There were also various challenges, where a clock was set and when it rang, we had to swap chairs and complete someone else's drawing from their perspective. The output was amazing and incredibly beautiful. An all-time wonderful experience we had together.

Each week we, usually, bring you an interview with a female artist. This week we have chosen to break the pattern a bit to tell you about our own Croquis-experience.