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My name is Cecilie. I am 26 years old and are currently studying a master’s in communication at Aalborg University. As a part of my third semester, I have to do an internship at a self-chosen company - which is why I’m now here at MUNTHE. I’m functioning as an PR intern and has a lot of versatile tasks. As an example, I’m constantly in contact with influencers in relation to gifting, I’m doing press reports, and are a part of all of MUNTHE’s photo shoots. One thing that has been clear to me all through my internship has been MUNTHE’s huge focus at their three core values; Art, Sustainability and Female Empowerment. I’m experiencing the values everyday as part of the organization which is why I thought it was also important to introduce them to all of you, dear readers. Happy reading!

At MUNTHE it’s important not only to create beautiful clothes, but also to make an actual change in the world. This is why we everyday strive to have a special focus on our three core values; Art, Sustainability and Female Empowerment. It’s all a journey, and we are far from perfect. We do believe in the philosophy of small steps being better than no steps at all though. The following is therefore some of our small steps against a better world.


Art is a huge part of MUNTHE’s identity – and has always been so. It’s our infinite inspiration that time after time offers us new perspectives and new ideas to our styles. Founder and Designer, Naja Munthe, is an artist herself which is why art always is a part of everything she does. This is easy to see at the MUNTHE office and showroom which can almost be confused with an art exhibition. Here you can experience pieces by Naja Munthe herself, but also artist like Josefine Winding, Mie Mørkeberg and Sif Itona Westerberg.

Another way for MUNTHE to focus on art is through our MUNTHE ART MONDAY concept. This is a concept where you each Monday get the possibility to meet a new and awesome female artist here at MUNTHE STORIES and at our Instagram. You can for example meet the Taiwanese artist, Shaoyu Chen, who focuses on the human psych’s complexity or Vesna Vrdoljak who works with paper and collages.

It's important for us to put focus on these powerful female artists and give them the rightful attention that they deserve, but unfortunately don’t always receive. The inequality in the art industry is still unreasonably high. Even though 51% of all artists are women, the galleries keep on only showing 27% art made by women: We would like to change that!

This is also why we at every collection chooses one of our earlier featured female artists in MUNTHE ART MONDAY to create a print. You can therefore experience Rosa Roberts beautiful and unique, green print in the upcoming Spring Summer 2023 collection.


Sustainability is, and has always been, an essential core value for MUNTHE. The fashion industry isn’t by nature a sustainable industry, but we believe that by using our brand as a powerful platform and by enacting the very change we want to see in others, we can initiate small changes that will accumulate into bigger ones over time. We’re on a never-ending journey where we constantly must reflect over and evaluate our initiatives. We need to take an honest look at ourselves and at what we can do to behave more sustainable. One of our latest initiatives is our Simple Studio Collection. It’s a collection filled with lovely, basic quality styles, that doesn’t have an expiration date – neither in your wardrobe or here at MUNTHE. Moreover 95% of all the styles are produced in sustainable materials.

You can follow along on our journey each Friday on Instagram with our MUNTHE CONSCIOUS JOUNEY concept. This is a way for us to take you along on MUNTHE’s journey towards sustainability in an honest and transparent way. You can also always recognize our most sustainable styles with the green label MUNTHE MORE RESPONSIBLE. This label is a promise that styles marked with it contains of minimum 50% recycled or certified low impact materials that have a better and gentler environmental footprint – and is therefore also your possibility to be a part of the change.


Female Empowerment is a matter of the heart for MUNTHE and Founder and Designer, Naja Munthe. Even though we are in the twenty first century the equality between men and women are still incredibly high. Women continues to be underpaid and having less financial security than men. As a female-driven company it is completely essential for MUNTHE to support women and girls in the world, and in that way contribute to a more respectful, prosperous, and appreciative world for everybody.

We are for example trying to contribute to Female Empowerment through our previous mentioned MUNTHE ART MONDAY concept as well as constantly putting focus on diversity – both in scouting models and employees. Each year, MUNTHE is also supporting the Danish Women’s Society by creating a T-shirt in relation to The International Women’s Day. 150 DKK of each sold T-shirt goes to the Danish Women’s Society and their political agenda regarding equality between the sexes.

Thank you for reading along! We hope that you want to follow along on our journey here at our website as well on our Instagram and TikTok. And remember; we are so much stronger together!