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The energy and vibe of Cuba is palpable. When people dance in the street it’s because they must. Laugh, dive into the ocean, sing, paint. Whatever you feel moved to do in Cuba when you’re out and being coaxed by the friendly locals, do it.

Pre Fall 21 is a luxurious collection enthused by the splendor of old glamour while infusing the styles a contemporary turn. The line-up featured layered dresses, beautiful, printed fabrics, and exquisite embroidery. Experimentation with leopard prints gives some of the styles a more classy and playful touch and traditional shapes are paired with more loose and sporty styles.

The collection is created with sustainability in mind; Organic cotton, recycled polyester, vegan leather, and sustainable viscose - fabrics and materials made of natural fibers and innovative compositions.

While paying tribute to all the strong women, the styles are meant as a backdrop to highlight the beauty of each individual. Using new lines, patterns, prints, colors, and structures – the silhouettes and signature designs are combined to offer playful hints of the body with effortless and mixed styles.


The collection is both timeless and graceful. The silhouettes include flowing shirt dresses, tops with textural ruffles at the shoulders and lace-trimmed floral print skirts. The beautiful dresses surely compliment the vegan leather coat – and breezy tops with dancing silhouettes reminiscent of a more sophisticated time. Some of the styles in the collection also feature the exquisite floral prints and the softly and feminine details MUNTHE is recognized for.

The color palette is composed of vibrant hues and pastels. Tones of pink, vibrant coral and rose shades, burgundy and monochrome tones with the implementation of black. The colors are bright and electrifying, giving the collection a historical, but youthful touch. It was chosen not only to reflect the colors found all around in Cuba - but also the colors of rum and citrus-daiquiris, cigars, delicious fruits, faded billboards and an old car.

The people are also what makes Cuba special. You will see people sitting outside their homes talking to neighbors, witness couples kissing and old men playing chess. We drew inspiration from the cheerful spirit of Cuba, as we reflect on the happenings of the current times.

Soak up the sun and lay back. You will feel the spirit of Cuba.