Alittle movement each day adds up to big results.
At MUNTHE, we take a proactive stance in bettering our industry and reducing our environmental impact. Evolving from your “average fashion brand” to a powerhouse of sustainable fashion isn’t easy. This transformation requires many costs and hard choices, but it’s all worth it in the long run.

Choosing to look at the raw materials and working with more sustainable textile producers is a good start.

The choice of fabrics for a new collection involves a complex process and a constant balancing between different sustainability aspects such as blended fabrics characteristics vs. recyclability, the footprint of natural vs. synthetic fabrics and many more. But we think it’s always worth it to take the time and choose right, as the conscious choice of the best fabrics for our pieces promotes a change in the entire value chain and influences the direction of the entire production.

Currently we use a high share of fabrics which facilitate the recycling process of worn out pieces. More than 25 percent of the Fall Winter 20 collection is sustainable. In addition to that, we focus on environmentally friendly textiles made from sustainably grown fiber crops and recycled materials.

We seek to increase the share of sustainable fabrics continuously within our following collections.